At Newell Brands (parent of Rubbermaid, Crock-Pot, Yankee Candle, Sharpie, etc.) I worked in the XO lab bringing new technology to their existing products. I worked on iOS and Android apps to control BLE and WiFi iOT devices.

I worked in the prototyping lab, so little of the work will see the light of day. The work primarily consisted of rapid design and development of apps that work with experimental BLE hardware. I worked with hardware engineers to develop communication standards for the devices, and with designers to hone in a cohesive and comprehensive user experience.

ISS Finder is an app that I designed and developed that helps you to see the International Space Station (ISS) in the night sky. ISS Finder shows you the upcoming visible passes with details like the altitude and direction, and lets you decide which ones to get alerts for. ISS Finder also keeps you up to date with information about current and future crews.

ISS Finder is one of the most popular satellite pass prediction apps in the App Store with over 60k monthly active users including former crew members of the ISS. I began developing ISS Finder in 2013 and have continued to iterate and improve the app since then.

In 2016 Apple awarded me a WWDC Student Scholarship for my work on ISS Finder.

In 2017 I gave a talk at the Amateur Astronomers Association of NYC about the history of ISS Finder.

At littleBits I worked as an intern in iOS development, taking on the development of the littleBits Invent app. I worked with the in house designers and developers to finalize and release the Invent app. I returned as a freelance iOS developer working on enabling the app to control the littleBits' WiFi controlled cloudBit. I also wrote the Invention Upload section of the app that allows users to share their littleBits inventions from within the Invent app.

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As an intern at MakerBot I worked to make the iPad version of MakerBot Mobile, which allows users to find 3D files and print them directly from their iPad. I also worked on adding new features to the existing MakerBot Printshop app and the Thingiverse app.

In my free time I like to make algorithmically generated art. I typically use OpenFrameworks and write GLSL shaders. These occasionally involve using a Microsoft Kinect to do depth detection, and working with artists to create tools for them to manipulate my generative graphics and apply them to their work.

These are mostly just a passion project of mine. They're like doodles but with code :)

This is a compilation of some of my recent generative graphics work:

NASA has a website called the Astronomy Picture of the Day where they showcase beautiful pictures that relate to space exploration. They post one photo every day with a brief description. While the website has great content, it’s hard to navigate and not particularly pretty. So I decided to make an app that would showcase their great content in a clean, engaging way.